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As founder and Director of Emile (eh-meel) Educational Consulting, Elaine Morales-Thomason works intimately with adolescents and young adults with diverse interests, abilities, and emotional backgrounds.

Elaine received both her Bachelors Degree in Psychology and her Masters Degree, as a Donovan Scholar, in Education from Boston College.  Elaine consults to staff and administrators in traditional and therapeutic schools, colleges, and clinical programs.  Her work often influences change in an organization’s programs and systems.  The resulting improvements better serve the needs of her client and abroad population.  In her own practice, Elaine developed an effective tool that assesses college readiness along a continuum of constructs and indicators.  This allows her to proactively design action plans aimed at preparing clients for collegiate success. 

Equally important to Elaine’s years in her profession has been her eighteen years as a parent.  She deeply 

understands the joys, hopes, stressors, and frustrations organic to this role.  Knowing how to guide children toward happy, healthy and successful lives can be arduous at times, but it is especially so when compounded by natural educational, emotional, social, or behavioral stressors.  Elaine eases this process by empowering clients and their families.  She creates holistic individualized plans for success that consider personal, scholastic, and family system needs.  She assembles multi-disciplinary teams of support, often working as the linchpin to ensure all support systems are working toward the benefit the student.

For over 20 years, Elaine has brought her intellect, warmth, sense of humor, and compassion to her educational consultancy practice. This combination, along with her background in psychology and education, facilitates her ability to yield positive, sustainable outcomes for her clients and families.

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