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Welcome to Emile Educational Consulting.

Our goal at Emile Educational Consulting is for our clients to emerge from an experience with us as empowered, resilient individuals.  Influencing the success of our work is our visibility to holistic, long-term educational and developmental processes.  From secondary education, to college admission, to advising on the importance of evolutionary parental practices, the consultancy offered is precise and effectual.

The core of EEC’s approach is in the client’s journey of discovery.  It is one that is catalyzed by focused discussions, planning, and action.  In short, the cornerstone of this practice is a results-oriented, relational model.  It is one in which student and parent alike feel the capacity to achieve long-term sustainable success.

As a direct result of the consultation, planning, and placements, each client will develop stronger self-understanding.  Clients and families are challenged to question and expand; to assess and articulate priorities, past successes and trials; and to develop goals.  Engaging actively in this way provides a supportive model from which clients can begin to make optimal choices that lead to independence and readiness to launch into adulthood.

Parents and students often note they walk out of our offices lighter than when they first entered.  This is very important to us.  We at Emile Educational Consulting commit to partnering with families in order to help them define and achieve their goals.

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